Easy, done-for-you Marketing Tools that set you apart and
beyond the competition in just minutes.

Market Report:

  • Professional, easy-to-read.
  • Input 5 pieces of data quarterly from your MLS.
  • Quickly, make yourself a market expert.
  • No worrying about formatting.
  • Perfect prospecting tool-all done-for-you.
  • Email or snail mail clients.
  • Becomes your quarterly press release.
  • Keep your name in the news.
  • To learn more ...

Home Appreciator:

  • Enter date of purchase, price and current value.
  • Instantly know the yearly rate at which a home has gone up or down.
  • Even account for improvements to a property.
  • Use for whole markets and specific areas.
  • Buyers can compare different rates.
  • See what’s gone up or down the most.
  • Give perspective with rates over 5, 10 or 20 years.

Core Value Calculator:

  • Money quickly chases value
  • Easily determine the "Core" or "Book" value of a property.
  • Provide buyers a discount from this Core Value.
  • Raise buyers' comfort to bid in tough markets.
  • Demonstrate the value of what sellers are offering.
  • Provides extra depth to your CMA.